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The word COVID-19 stands for 'Certificate Of Vaccine Identification Digital [by] Artificial Intelligence'. It is the largest conspiracy in all of history, designed to push the Agenda 21 of the most powerful people on the planet, whose goal is to reduce the world's population and sterilize the rest for at least 3 decades.


It is an agenda started in 1989 to implant a digital identification with nano technology in every human being. In 2004 the necessary technology was developed to carry out this, but it was not until 2009 that it was available to be injected into the population thanks to the joint work of the agencies NASA, DARPA and the Wuhan genetic laboratory. Despite the efforts to impose it with previous pandemic propaganda, only until the end of 2019 those involved in this plot had all the resources and implementation to push it globally, being the controllers of the WHO, the FDA (Food and Drug Regulatory Agency USA), the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the WEF (or World Economic Forum).


Since the end of 2019, they have sent planes spraying heavy metals and pathogens over the main cities of the world, injected chimeras into the population through flu vaccines and began testing 5G antennas, so that the symptoms of the fumigated components, injected and high frequency waves propagating within the human body justify draconian measures for a global confinement (LockDown), calling it a pandemic, caused by a supposed virus.


COVID-21 is the second part of this agenda, in charge of social pressure so that 7,000 million human beings accept a false vaccine, which in addition to containing nano-tracking and identification technology, has been loaded with nanoparasites and proteins in charge of destroying and modify DNA so that 97% of the human population is eliminated in less than 10 years. This includes the implementation of a global dictatorship, the elimination of civil rights and a restart of the financial system using the police force, to FEMA - in the US - and the modification of international laws.


Those who do not accept the digital record (COVID) will be removed from the system, as it will be synchronized with next-generation satellites, 5G and 6G networks, and super computers with artificial intelligence, which will control each individual through an implanted quantum dot tattoo. on the back of the right hand, or on the forehead, of every vaccinated person, which will be presented as a solution to the financial crisis.


Without this brand (network of wearable microchips) inserted in the body, you will not have identification, access to any aspect of society or access to economic movements. On the contrary, if you have more than one injection of this gene compound from nano devices, you will have to start a treatment to eliminate graphene oxide, luciferase and nano parasites in order to exceed the life expectancy for those injected: less than 10 years after the injection. inoculation (for those who have 1 dose), less than 3 years (for those who have 2 doses), or less than 6 months (for those who already have the buster, or the booster), unless they were injected with a placebo (Saline solution).


Soon we will share here the documentary 'SHOT, What's Inside?', in English, for you to know the evidence of what the misnamed covid vaccines really contain.

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Also Soon With English Subtitles

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Dowload here the Ebook about the full conspiracy, in English

¿Did You Recieve the Shots?

* Since the misnamed "covid vaccines" are not really vaccines but gene therapy in combination with biological weapons, microparasites and nano technology, we call them "hakunas".


We want to share with you some tips to cleanse the body of the poison of the covid hakunación, but first you must take several tests:




To cleanse your body, the following products are likely to help you:


- NAC Glutathione (perfect antioxidant) N-acetyl-cysteine ​​600 mg - one in the morning, for 2 weeks. If they do not get it, failing that they can buy Fluimucil 600 mg.

- Zinc 50mg - one in the morning.

- Pine Needle - 5 grams of fresh pine needle, 1 cup of water from boiled water. Bring the water to a boil (boil). You remove the water, place the 5 grams of the pine needle. Put the pine beans in the hot water for 30 seconds. You strain it. You let it rest for 10 minutes you take it. Twice daily. This is to remove heavy metals from the body. Take it 7 days every 12 hours. or stop for 8 days and take it again x 7 days and leave it.

- Anti thrombitics.

- Cocktail of vitamins and minerals (especially vitamin C). If you have a beach, take the opportunity to enter the sea.

- Silymarin (liver protector)

- Melatonin 3 mg (one at night)


These disciplines will also be very useful:


- Take sunlight (enhance cholecalciferol (vitamin D)). You can also buy vitamin D and take 1 in the morning to complement your sunbathing, at least 30 minutes a day.

- Take clean air (avoid the use of masks as much as possible) breathing properly (in this sense it will be very good to do meditations). Preferably choose green environments, mountains, rivers, beach or walking at night (because at that time the negative ions of oxygen are more loaded).

- Make ground contact (try to be barefoot for as long as possible).

- Eat an alkaline diet: lots of fruit (during the day), whole grains, legumes, fresh vegetables, seeds, nuts, dried fruits. Avoid flours, sugars, processed foods, dairy, meats, packaged, fried and everything with additives, well cooked or heated in the microwave.

- Perform physical activity, warm-ups and stretching.


There are other procedures that have helped many and that time will tell if they have also been effective in this area:


- CDS (chlorine dioxide). Diving in a pool is also very useful in this regard.

- Hydroxychloroquine

- Ivermectin.

Some experts also recommend supplementing this with:


- Coriander

- Azithromycin

- Cardioaspirin

* These tips are not intended to be a miracle cure. You should take a Dimero D test to see the progress of cellular damage caused by hakunas covid and consider that with two doses of said poison, the lifestyle and discipline you take in this regard will be essential. Therefore, if you take the third dose, do not expect a miracle (a drug loses its effectiveness if you take it with alcohol or drugs, so likewise, if you continue to allow your body to be intoxicated, do not pretend that a possible experimental treatment will repair the damage caused by your own decisions).

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